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Customers can reach us via a simple Phone Call, Social Media or E-mail.

Site Inspection

Our team will determine whether a physical inspection is necessary or not to arrange a field visit accordingly.

Technical Consultancy

A team of experts will analyse the requirement & advice the most feasible solution for your Hotel, Apartment or Residence.

Financial Proposal

Based on the technical consultancy our sales team will prepare a comprehensive proposal.

Confirmation PO (LOA)

Once financials are accepted, customer releases a purchase order or a letter of award abiding by the payment terms agreed upon.

Installation / Repair / Upgrade

Micro Vision commence installation / repair work.

Our Portfolio


MATV/SMATV system uses multiple satellites and terrestrial broadcast signals to create a single integrated cable signal for distribution over a cable network (coaxial, fiber or cat5). These systems are deployed in hotels, apartments, commercial buildings, shopping malls, stadiums and other communal dwellings, giving end users a wider range of programming. All details are custom configured to your needs.

V-SAT Solutions

Commercial Grade V-SAT Systems designed to handle High End Applications Converging Satellite Links, Live Feeds, VPN, Cellular Back-haul, etc. Our platforms are designed and manufactured to deliver payloads in SCPC, BM-FDMA, MF-TDMA, BGAN formats across all classes of DVB-S/S2 traffic while covering Maritime, Enterprise & Government sectors for Connectivity, Broadband & SAT Com requirements. Microvision provide 24/7 emergency response services for all V-SAT Solutions.

IPTV, Streaming & OTT Services

IPTV – Television Distribution over DVB-IP (IP Standard) – this platform is a feature rich In-Room TV Solution which defines the way we consume entertainment. IPTV, the delivery of Interactive Content, TV & Video/Audio -On-Demand (VoD/AOD) via existing Copper or Fiber Optic Cabling Infrastructure using IP as a medium, has emerged as the most revolutionary service proposition that is changing the industry.

Meet Our Experts

Pratheek Singh

Deshapriya Fernando

V-SAT Systems Engineer



Pulasthi 1

Pulasthi Alwis

IT Expert



Aadhya Gupta

Anika Gupta

Head Of Business Relations



Nadan 260x229


SMATV Engineer




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Digital Head Ends

Digital Head Ends

Micro Vision offers future proof Digital Head End’s with DVB-T/C/S/IP standard supports.

Cabling Infrastructure

Cabling Infrastructure

Jelly filled, highly insulated, bear copper or copper clad cabling requirements for trunking, last mile and backbone operations in coaxial RG59, RG6, RG11, LMR 400 Types with industry certificates

Hotel TV Systems

Centralized TV Systems for Hotels

Our engineers will design and build optimum network for your Hotel with highest standards

System Repair and Support Services

We’re geared with 24/7, Cost Efficient Tech Repair Services, just for You.

Latest News

wind power

Renewable Energy

Power generation systems for a better, greener future that utilize untapped natural resources in the
country. Grid connected and independent hydro, solar and wind power generation platforms designed and
ready to deploy in agriculture, livestock, leisure and education fields. Consultancy for power projects
using advanced hydrology, environmental and wind surveys in accordance with guidelines by Sustainable
Energy Authority of Sri Lanka.



RF Module Repairs

We carryout all repairs of ALCAD and affiliated brands in Sri Lanka for the convenience of our esteemed customers.

ENCARTE Captación Clientes MMTV a DES

Door Entry Solutions

Access control systems consist of advanced door entry monitors (voice/video), electronic locks, and entrance modules designed to secure and restrict access. 4th Generation video door entry system allows black and white, or colour, monitors and telephones to be installed in the same building. This means that, with only one panel, all the residents in an association can choose which system they want to have in their home, something that is very convenient when it comes to replacing systems. Highly suitable for apartments, hotels and commercial properties which requires controlled access.